Monday, August 27, 2012

Awesomely Racist!

Can we talk about the "Red Dawn" remake? Can we talk about how it all seems like a joke from "The Critic" writ large? Can we laugh at this poster, which alleges that America will be protected by a couple of Australians, but no black or Hispanic representatives? But that they managed to "score" the kid from "Drake & Josh"?

Can we talk about how dubious it is that China would invade the US without being picked up by our radars? And how none of America's allies would help, in a modern post-9/11 world? Can we talk about how this fuels the fire that heats so much xenophobic fear-mongering over the inane threat of a capitalist takeover of American manufacturing?

And can we talk about how, when this film was finished, no one batted an eyelid to some voiceovers and digital alterations to change the Chinese villains to North Koreans? Can we talk about Hollywood just thinks a friendly NIP and tuck is all that separates Chinese and Korean people? Can we talk about Hollywood's continued belief that all Asians look alike? Can we talk about the time the Oscar voiceover guy announced the Best Picture win for "The Departed" by claiming it was based on a Japanese film, a mistake that can be solved by one second of Googling? Or maybe even renting "Infernal Affairs"?

I mean, can we talk about these things? Or is it all in good fun, for the sake of a few more generic explosions?

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