Monday, August 22, 2011

To All The Junkies Out There

I always liked the name Jumpcut Junkies. It is forward and playful. Inviting.
Watching Nick and Gabe time after time as they discuss different films that come under their radar brings forth those feelings. But the conversations are also elliptical in such a way as to remind me that appearances are always deceiving, and loose conversation even more so. It is perhaps just as the name indicates, that they are in one form and intensity or another, addicted to their subject: the cinema, or rather on the other hand talking about the cinema. I don't know which yet, but in any case a certain need for either shows so the name is appropriate.
In either case, addiction is not a pretty thing, and a person under the influence not the most royal of sights, except in Jumpcut Junkies where the ugly is kept at bay.
It is in that spirit that I strive to add another layer to the conversation, or perhaps to invite what is at times kept at bay (not just the ugly) from spontaneous conversation on impressions on different films or the cinema in general. My intent is to achieve this by enlarging the field of conversation that the videos of 'the' Jumpcut Junkies create, engaging the tangents and the insinuations present in each episode. I hope the result will be interesting to you, and more than anything, engaging.

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