Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jumpcut Junkies Ep. 29: Super 8

Looks like this is starting to be a semi-regular thing again. Fingers crossed, we'll have another one of these up in about week's time. Also, for people who prefer to read their film criticism/discussion/theory, cinema scholar and future author Milton Trujillo will begin contributing written blog posts. He's a smart fellow and very passionate and knowledgeable about the art form, so his stuff should make for a good read. Be sure to check back here often as more stuff goes up. Your 143rd stop on the 'net for movie talk.
Anyway, less self-promotion, more product to self-promote:

Jumpcut Junkies Ep. 29 from Nick Rumaczyk on Vimeo.

This video dedicated to the memory of Alan J. Pakula.

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