Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nick on 'The Help': "I'd Rather Be Eating A Shitpie"

That is all. Enjoy the hurricane, folks. More video coming soon.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Horse and a Giraffe Walk Into a Small Bar...

And they catch a movie. No joke. Well, maybe the part about the horse. And the giraffe. The rest is true and increasingly popular here in New York where one can visit places such as Nitehawk in Williamsburg or ReRun in Dumbo and live the joke. Both venues seem to offer wildly different experiences however, given that Nitehawk expects to converge the dining experience with the moviegoing experience in one simultaneous action.
I have only been to ReRun, where the experience is more akin to having crashed onto a drive-in: the seats in the theater are actual vintage car seats. The bar is jovial, the beer selection is diverse and their gin and tonic packs a punch. Yet, the movies are the point. ReRun has been open for what is going to be this month, one year. I was happily introduced to the theater when going to see "Loveless", a film by Ramin Serry, who when I went to Hunter College taught me all I care to learn in screenwriting class then and now.
"Loveless" is his second film, and I considered it quite good in that it is a film that does not struggle to stay within genre boundaries and yet flirts with various conventions. I remember reading, and surprisingly enough entertaining the argument that the film calls to mind a conception of New York familiar to us in the other films such as Polansky's "Rosemary's Baby". "Loveless" is of course not a full-blown suspense, and it doesn't thrive off from the hauntings of a city, of a 'baroque' architecture seen as disjointed landscapes. The New York of "Loveless" is haunted enough though, as are the people who move from landscape to landscape, and it is to the film's merit that the haunting never turns uneasy. Strange events occur, suspenseful even, and fearful responses are given to those events but there is so much aimlessness, so much hovering around what happens that all boundaries are kept defined and unperturbed.

As it happens, the film is playing again at ReRun, as part of its anniversary week called ReRun RERUNS, which begins this friday the 26th of this month.
Take a look at the program, which offers films that share a theme every day of next week. I highly suggest you check it out.

If any of the movies playing next week's anniversary shows (programmed to be screenings of favorite films shown at ReRun this past year) do not do the trick, I still suggest you check out the theater any other time. As a personal anecdote, I saw the wonderful "Lord Byron", one of my favorite films of this year so far at ReRun and I don't think it'll be available in any format soon.

Monday, August 22, 2011

To All The Junkies Out There

I always liked the name Jumpcut Junkies. It is forward and playful. Inviting.
Watching Nick and Gabe time after time as they discuss different films that come under their radar brings forth those feelings. But the conversations are also elliptical in such a way as to remind me that appearances are always deceiving, and loose conversation even more so. It is perhaps just as the name indicates, that they are in one form and intensity or another, addicted to their subject: the cinema, or rather on the other hand talking about the cinema. I don't know which yet, but in any case a certain need for either shows so the name is appropriate.
In either case, addiction is not a pretty thing, and a person under the influence not the most royal of sights, except in Jumpcut Junkies where the ugly is kept at bay.
It is in that spirit that I strive to add another layer to the conversation, or perhaps to invite what is at times kept at bay (not just the ugly) from spontaneous conversation on impressions on different films or the cinema in general. My intent is to achieve this by enlarging the field of conversation that the videos of 'the' Jumpcut Junkies create, engaging the tangents and the insinuations present in each episode. I hope the result will be interesting to you, and more than anything, engaging.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jumpcut Junkies Ep. 29: Super 8

Looks like this is starting to be a semi-regular thing again. Fingers crossed, we'll have another one of these up in about week's time. Also, for people who prefer to read their film criticism/discussion/theory, cinema scholar and future author Milton Trujillo will begin contributing written blog posts. He's a smart fellow and very passionate and knowledgeable about the art form, so his stuff should make for a good read. Be sure to check back here often as more stuff goes up. Your 143rd stop on the 'net for movie talk.
Anyway, less self-promotion, more product to self-promote:

Jumpcut Junkies Ep. 29 from Nick Rumaczyk on Vimeo.

This video dedicated to the memory of Alan J. Pakula.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jumpcut Junkies Ep. 28: Tree of Life

I know I've made this apology so many times in the past, but sorry for not being around as much as you'd like. Gabe and I really do care for you. We know it seems like we don't care, but we've just been so overwhelmed wi...What? No, of course, there's no one but you. We've just been busy...Of course I want this to work... Really, I can explain. We were out late drinking with some friends, just to take the edge off, and you know how one beer turns to five, so before we knew it, it had gotten late and...
What do you mean we're not taking this seriously? No, no, no. I am not still in love with my first wife. I can't believe you'd even suggest...No, only you. It's just...Baby, where are you going? Baby, come back...Baby please... Oh, so you're going to stay at Vickie's tonight? Fine. That's fine. Oh, don't slam the door, you want the neighbors to think...? Baby...
Please come back. We made this Tree of Life review just for you...

Now, come on. Let's go to bed.