Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jumpcut Junkies Ep. 27: SUMMER 2011 MOVIE PREVIEW!

That's right, in this three-parter (don't feel obligated to watch them all at once) Gabe & Nick talk about what movies you'll be seeing/avoiding/sneaking into for the first half hour while waiting for your first choice to start.

We talk about the major tentpoles (or at the very least quickly mention we won't be seeing them) as well as smaller fare you might not've heard of, we got your Malicks, your Bays, your Norse Gods, your patriotic Caps, your Godards, your Morrises, your Michael Musto stalking, your Barbarians, your Potters and your Poohs (and a whole lot more).
All in all a rounder view of this summer's offerings could not be found anywhere else*.
We recorded one of these last year, too, but it has been mercifully lost to the apathy of a disinterested/embarrassed/half-drunk editor/cohost.

Part 1

Jumpcut Junkies Ep 27 Part 1 from Nick Rumaczyk on Vimeo.

Part 2

Part 3

Enjoy, and see you back here soon and often. We're gonna burn through a whole backlog of episodes while we take a break from movies and finally read through those brochures the Mormons keep leaving.

*Because we haven't bothered looking

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