Sunday, January 2, 2011

Most Anticipated Films of 2011: Nick's #9

9. Certified Copy

Just when you thought Abbas Kiarostami was going to live out the rest of his cinematic career shooting low-grade DV of people in cars, he surprises us with a romantic comedy (gasp!) set in Paris starring a name actress (double gasp!), in this case Juliette Binoche. Glibness aside, I love Kiarostami's highly personal style that he's carefully developed over the course of a decades-long career and am especially fond of "Five", a plotless, wordless rorschach test of a film, composed of five long takes on and around a beach that give the patient viewer time to meditate and reflect on life, nature, beauty, time, the universe and God (I realize opponents could say they could just as easily do this at home with their cellphone turned off). Given Kiarostami's ability to make grand statements with essentially nothing (Five was made on a minimal budget, shot on a digital camcorder), he comes closest to the French concept of the auteur, using his camera as if it were a pen, and any film from such a unique artist is worth paying attention to.

His "pen" for this one is the Red One Camera. Just sayin'.

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