Sunday, January 2, 2011

Most Anticipated Films of 2011: Nick's #5

5. Captain America/Thor

OK, I cheated, but I couldn't really separate these two, considering the franchising Marvel is doing in preparation for the Avengers. Marvel's made some interesting directorial choices with their movies so far: Cap's most recent foray onto the big screen will be brought to us this time by journeyman Joe Johnston and Thor will be directed by Kenneth Branagh, more used to adapting literature of a different kind (Frankenstein, a whole buncha Shakespeare). Johnston can make a fun adventure movie, given the right material and the Rocketeer particularly sticks in memory as an enjoyable normal-guy-becomes-superhero-during-WWII-to-fight-Nazis actioner, which is exactly what Captain America should be. Cap is one of my favorite Marvel characters because of his patriotism and sense of duty, but not in a Jingoistic sort of way. His worldview is truly democratic, having faith in and seeing the value of all people. He firmly believes in the values of the US, but is not always in agreement with the powers-that-be on the issues of foreign and domestic policy, or the ways in which he is wielded, and has given up the shield at least once in the comics. If the film can convey that and not just make a flag-waving monument to the greatest generation, they'll have something. Oh, and for God's sake, keep the Red Skull red in this one. Meanwhile, only knowing Thor through guest appearances in other titles, I'm not too familiar with the character, nor am I with the main actor, having only seen Chris Hemsworth briefly as Kirk's dad in Star Trek, but Branagh knows actors and how to bring out the best in them. He also knows visual grandeur, useful in bringing an epic comic book story to the screen. As for Stan Lee's cameo, I'm hoping for FDR in the former and a Norse God in the latter (too on the nose?).

Thor hammering Captain America. A slashfic genre is born.

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