Thursday, January 6, 2011

Most Anticipated Films of 2011: Nick's #2

2. John Dies at the End

Speaking of distinctive horror directors, Don Coscarelli returns to making movies after a nine-year absence (discounting his Masters of Horror episode). He's shown he has a particular knack for idiosyncratic horror with his Phantasm series, which he built his reputation on, and he also showed he can do comedy with a distinctive horror bent with Bruce Campbell cult hit Bubba Ho-Tep.

"John" is about a drug that brings its users through some sort of time rift, which has also allowed a monster to come back to this world, and two slackers are the only things that can save the world, or something, so Coscarelli's sensibilities seem tailor-made for this type of yarn. In addition, Paul Giamatti's in it, along with Doug Jones, Clancy Brown, and the Tall Man himself, Angus Scrimm. It's based on a novel by David Wong, and it must be pretty good if you can spoil it in the title and still make a movie out of it. Despite working in several different genres (kids' movie in Kenny & Company, adventure in Beastmaster, survivalism (?) in Survival Quest), he's never gained the fame or steady work of fellow directors who started out in low-budget horror, such as Sam Raimi or Peter Jackson, and while I don't think this film will change that, it's good to see him back in the director's seat.

No, not this John. Not at the end. Not ever.

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