Friday, January 7, 2011

Most Anticipated Films Of 2011: Gabe's #9


Earlier this year, I saw "Modus Operandi," a batshit insane no-budget Super-8 film mixing the aesthetics of blaxploitation and European art film. I saw it between "Black Dynamite" and "Machete" and it blew both films away in how it captured that style of filmmaking without winks or nods. Of course, playing this sort of drama about a retired agent and the myriad of thieves and criminals that surround him is funnier played straight, though I will forgive the film the AWESOME indulgence of having Danny Trejo impale the President's eye with a stick of dynamite.

That sort of attitude should be prevalent throughout "Skinny Dip," the next film from director Frankie Latina. The film is being described as a "revenge picture" (of course) dealing with the accidental murder of a cop, with appearances by Danny Trejo, Sasha Grey and Michelle Rodriguez. It's like the Gods are trying to tell me that someone finally made a movie just for me. If it's half-insane as "Modus Operandi," it should remain a contender for movie of the year.

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