Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Most Anticipated Films Of 2011: Gabe's #6


Okay, what is this movie?

"Moneyball" is a nonfiction book about how the Oakland A's used a new technique called sabermetrics to evaluate their on-field personnel using unconventional stats. White sabermetrics have caught on with most baseball teams as a way to suss out potential stars and winning players, the A's played only a couple of years under the Moneyball style, winning a couple of division titles, but never advancing past the first round of the playoffs. Moneyball, by and large, didn't work.

The movie was supposed to be a Steven Soderbergh joint, where he was going to mix real life players and coaches with actors seamlessly, but at the eleventh hour, through a sea of rewrites, he was fired, and with "Capote" director Bennett Miller came a raft of actual actors in the roles. How much Soderbergh is left in this? And who, among Steve Zallian, Aaron Sorkin and others, is taking credit for the screenplay? And how is the story of a not-that-great team going to be compelling?

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