Saturday, January 15, 2011

Most Anticipated Films Of 2011: Gabe's #2

After 9/11, playwright Kenneth Lonergan was motivated to channel his sense of loss and tragedy into the script for "Margaret." He began shooting in 2005 with a stellar cast that included Anna Pacquin, Matt Damon, Jean Reno, Matthew Broderick, Olivia Thirlby, Mark Ruffalo and Allison Janney. Pacquin played a high schooler struggling to overcome the ramifications of a bus accident she witnessed, a trial that would force her to encounter her own mortality.

This movie never saw the light of day. Lonergan, who last directed "You Can Count On Me," kept writing and shooting, writing and shooting, resulting in hours and hours of footage, and a rough cut approaching four (some say six) hours. People sued, other people counter-sued, all the while Lonergan struggled in the editing room trying to cut the film to a reasonable length. In the meantime, Fox Searchlight, which released a few stills for the film in '06, has wondered if they still want to distribute this monstrosity.

There's no official word, but some say that the film will finally see the light of day in 2011. We can only hope.