Thursday, March 11, 2010

Episode 2: A Serious Man

And here are our back episodes, The Lovely Bones, A Serious Man, My Son My Son, What Have Ye Done?, Avatar, Daybreakers, The White Ribbon and Crazy Heart/The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

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    I've finally seen The White Ribbon. I've avoided your review up til now because I knew I wanted to see it and I was concerned (quite rightly) about spoilers. Quite apart from any other disagreements I might have with you guys, I found a huge error in your review.

    You claim that none of the violence is perpetrated by women, but this is not true. Klara, the oldest child of the Lutheran pastor, appears to be the ringleader whenever the children go marching off to punish someone. As such, all the horrific violence mysteriously perpetrated offscreen is quite clearly arranged by a female character.

    As for the "what's the point" question, I have to say I found myself much less sure when it came to Cache (or "Hidden" as was written on the poster where I saw it). The idea of Cache appeared to be that (as we discover in the final scene) a child from the Algerian family was plotting with a child of the white family to freak out the white parents and bring up something that happened when both their parents were children. Why? No idea.

    White Ribbon is much clearer because it is the generation of disturbing and messed up children who will be running the country when the Nazis come into power. Bad things have been happening and with war around the corner it's only going to get worse. - And of course, a major influence of The White Ribbon is clearly the original black and white movie of "Village Of The Damned" except that the evil from the children isn't because of alien intervention. Instead the evil is man-made.